Resources for the Sequester and Beyond

The past couple of years have featured a dizzying array of information on the federal budget, deficit reduction plans, and sequestration. If you’re having trouble keeping it all straight, don’t feel bad – you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite resources just for you. Check them out below.

Resource: Coalition on Human Needs
Who they Are: Alliance of national organizations concerned about low-income and other vulnerable populations.  Includes agencies focused on civil rights, religious, labor, children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities.  NHSA and some of its members belong.
Positions/niche: Calls for increased revenues-Demands end to “mindless cuts”-Highlights wasteful defense spending
Resources/services: State by state reports on sequester impact-Weekly impact statements with local stories-Weekly “SAVE for All” calls.

Resource: Sequestration Central
Who they are: An online hub from the Center for Effective Government that tracks impacts on federal programs.
Positions/niche: Educating the public on the big picture issues-Early supporter of letter to congress supporting the repeal of sequestration.
Resources/services: Original reports and analysis-Links to external commentary, analysis and action alerts.

Resource: NDD United (refers to Non- Defense Discretionary spending)
Who they are: Ad hoc effort of  some 3,000 agencies across education, environment, health, science, defense, etc.
Positions/niche: Call for “a balanced approach”-Does not take a position on defense cuts.
Resources/services: “Stop the Cuts” grassroots toolkit for social media and press-Circulates widespread sign-on letters-Educates the public through briefings and calls.

Resource: Half in Ten
Who they are: Center for American Progress and the Coalition on Human Needs’ jointly run campaign to halve poverty in ten years.
Positions/niche: Mobilizes local organizations around cuts to programs serving low-income Americans-“Talk Poverty” messaging
Resources/services: #TalkPoverty social media campaign highlights budget issues for low-income communities-Toolkit with media kit, state-by-state data, etc.

Did we miss anything? Let us know! Email Tara T James at with your favorite sequestration resources.

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