Expanded Learning Opportunities and Community Schools

6685773631_5a02a3090c_oHow do community schools use local partnerships to increase learning opportunities for youth? One of our members, Communities in Schools, released their report detailing how learning in schools is expanded through supplemental programs that benefit students.

These “Expanded Learning Opportunities” take place before, after, and even during schools, providing programming that occurs both on and off school premises. Some expand time in the formal classroom setting, while others provide more innovative and experiential learning opportunities. Some increase the length of the school day, by adding hours onto the standard 6.5, while some increase the school week by offering programs on Saturdays. Others increase the school year by focusing on providing programming that keeps students learning through extended breaks like during the summer or winter recess.

The report by Communities in Schools produces a typography of the many different types of Expanded Learning Opportunities, and provides case studies for each which offers best practices. This expansive report can be accessed and downloaded here.

Read Communities in Schools full report, “The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities” here. 

Photo courtesy of Maryland GovPics. View their Flickr photostream here. 


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