Time to Manage Your Charitable Portfolio?


Irv Katz, President and CEO of NHSA

“So many of the organizations we are asked to contribute to appear very worthy of a gift, but I suggest resisting… unless that cause or organization holds a place in your charitable portfolio,” Irv Katz, President and CEO of the National Human Services Assembly says. “There is really very little to be gained by passivity in charitable giving.”

In an editorial piece for the Huffington Post, Irv asks us to carefully consider which charitable organizations we support, and to not respond to charities simply because they are asking. “We are such a generous and activist people that we create new causes and nonprofit organizations all the time,” but that just means that more and more causes are vying for a fixed piece of the economic pie. As competition among charitable groups increases, Irv asks why we don’t more carefully consider who we give to, and he recommends focusing in on those groups that directly impact our families, communities, religious organizations, or those areas we are most passionate about.

Why? Because as Irv says, “You will be far less likely to fall for anything bogus, far more likely to have a discernible impact, and infinitely more fulfilled and at peace with your investment in community.”


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