From Forty to None: The Must-Join Network to Support LGBT Youth


Forty to None is the first national network dedicated to fighting homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. The name captures their mission: to reduce the number of LGBT youth among the homeless youth population from 40% to 0%.

Homeless LGBT youth face unique challenges–they often have families and homes to go back to, but were kicked out after coming out to their parents, or ran away to escape the fears of their family, friends, and peers. The Forty to None network was started by the True Colors Fund to bring awareness and put an end to LGBT youth facing homelessness. To do this, their using a simple but powerful method: building a national network of local, state, and national stakeholders to promote information sharing.

Forty to None

Forty to None is free to join. It’s an online community connecting service providers, educators, researchers, government officials, advocates, and young people. In short, it’s a network for everyone. 

Membership is free, and the network allows you to subscribe in ways that meets your needs and interests, whether it’s to learn the best practices, to get the latest research, to stay up-to-date with news, receive legislative updates, or to find volunteer opportunities in your community. The network is working to grow its local, state, and national contacts, and we encourage you to join! 


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