Cardboard Stories: Rethink Homelessness

How many of you walked by a ‪‎homeless person this morning? The video below challenges you to rethink your assumptions about their lives.

One of the National Human Services Assembly’s members, the National Network for Youth, is committed to advocating at the federal level to educate the public and policymakers about the needs of homeless and disconnected youth. They are a membership organization of service providers, state agencies, coalitions, advocates and individuals who work towards our vision of a world where vulnerable and homeless youth can escape the dangers of the streets and access safety, youth-appropriate services, hope and healing.

For an example, did you know nearly 2 million youth experience at least one night of homelessness in a year, and that on a given night 46,000 youth can be found on the street? Yet according to HUD, less than 4,200 beds exist nationally that are dedicated to this population. And many of these youth are victims of abuse, neglect, trauma, sex exploitation, and poverty. There are many opportunities for prevention and intervention in the lives of these youth that can be used before they decide to runaway, and so many better ways we can support the youth who still do. 

After you watch the video below and feel a sense of surprise and wonder, take a look at the National Network for Youth’s policy briefing, “Youth Homelessness in America: The Current Status and the Way Forward,” and learn how to support efforts to reconnect those youth currently disconnected.


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