Congress Passes WIOA: Reactions from the Field

In a rare sign of bipartisanship support for human services and human development, a reauthorized Workforce Investment Act passed by an incredible majority of 415-6 in the House of Representatives, and by an overwhelming margin in the Senate, 95-3. The job training bill, renamed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, includes provisions focused on supporting disconnected and opportunity youth, and it also continues support for programs including YouthBuild.
3128844567_62c5a5dc2c_bEmployment is just one piece of the puzzle for ensuring that families are financially secure, and the National Human Services Assembly and many of its members have turned their focus to ensuring all families have the opportunities for education, job readiness, work supports, and asset building. As such, the passage of WIOA was met with high praise and excitement by those in the human services and human development field.
Check out some pieces by some of our members and colleagues in the field, and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

Mark Edwards of Opportunity Nation 

Jim Gibbons of Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Paul Seifert of Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Lauren Eyster at the Urban Institute 

Kisha Bird and Marcie Foster at CLASP 

American Council on Education

National Youth Employment Coalition


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