We Want You: Envisioning an Opportunity Agenda for America on September 30

poverty 1More than 40 million Americans work in jobs that pay low wages while about 12 million individuals are actively seeking employment. At the same time, cuts at the national, state, and local level have reduced supports that many low-income families depend on during difficult times.

We would like to change that. NHSA and United Way Worldwide, in partnership with Opportunity Nation, are hosting a game changing dialogue on Tuesday, September 30, and we want you to join us. We are assembling a diverse group of human services professionals–from national, state, and local levels–and your attendance and participation at this free event will enrich the conversation as we strategize, share best practices, and build a far-reaching network of human services professionals collaborating to create an opportunity agenda for America.

Please join us and spread the word about our upcoming event, Envisioning an Opportunity Agenda for America: Overcoming Program and Policy Barriers to Economic Mobility. There has been a lot of discussion about economic mobility and opportunity, or the lack thereof, in our country over the past couple of years. But rarely do we talk about the role that human services organizations—and professionals like you and I—can play in promoting opportunity for Americans young and old.

We will be discussing the strategies, policy levers, and innovations we can use in the human services field to create ladders to social and economic mobility. The event will feature a keynote presentation by Anne Mosle, Executive Director of Ascend at the Aspen Institute, along with a panel of leading experts in policy, practice, and research, and a special presentation of data gathered through the Opportunity Index.

As human service organizations seek to meet the everyday challenges our society faces, what are the strategies and policy levers that they can pull to create ladders to social and economic mobility?

I hope you will join us for this special event and help us move from dialogue to action.


Images courtesy of (L-R) Southern Arkansas University, William Cho, Alan Cleaver, Kevin Dooley


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