Creating Healthy Cities for Children

CaptureWhat happens when community and human services organizations and Morgan Stanley team up to create research-driven, comprehensive programs to improve outcomes for children?

The result is Healthy Cities, an innovative philanthropic program connecting local nonprofits, schools and hospitals to deliver the building blocks needed for a healthy childhood.

Two national partners of Healthy Cities are National Human Services Assembly’s members Feeding America and KaBOOM!, continuing the tradition of providing comprehensive programs for the children they touch.

The goal of Healthy Cities is to implement a comprehensive approach that combines wellness education, health screenings, improved access to nutritious foods, and safer places for children to play. The program was launched this year in three cities: Chicago, Newark, and Oakland, California.

In Chicago, for an example, the program will serve 365,000 meals, provide regular fitness program for 700+ students, and increase nutrition education and health screenings for 800+ families.


While nutrition, health, and safety might seem like intuitive needs for children, don’t take that instinct for granted. Learn more about the research and statistics behind these needs for children and why an initiative like Healthy Cities is important for ensuring all children have the opportunity for a successful childhood:

Visit KaBOOM!’s “Play Research” library to learn more about the importance of play to a healthy childhood
because access to safe play spaces is a cornerstone of children’s cognitive and emotional development

Learn more about food insecurity by visiting Feeding America’s website for more statistics on hunger and poverty.
because childhood food insecurity has adverse and lasting effects on children’s health, ability to learn and long-term achievement

Learn more about child food insecurity in your community by visiting Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap project
because for many families in the US, knowing the foods their children need and being able to put them on the table are daily concerns


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