Infographic Thursday: Youth Prison or a Youth’s Community?

Tonight, 70,000 youth will sleep in a locked facility, having been caught in our juvenile justice system or even in our adult criminal justice system.

It shouldn’t be the case that this becomes the norm–where we refuse to take the cheaper, preventive actions and instead choose the more costly and damaging actions. The infographic below from Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. shows the stark differences between these two options.

And don’t let the different color schemes of the two sides fool you: the characteristics on the right side are more positive and attractive. As the inforgraphic says, “Anything that can be done in an institution can be done in a community, only better.”

If you’re curious about what community options for youth in need look like, and how effective they are, check out YAP’s “Safely Home,” report which highlights proven strategies that keep youth out of the juvenile justice system and in their homes with their families.

Click the infographic to enlarge it.



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