Infographic Thursday: The School Experiences of Today’s LGBT Youth

When GLSEN started almost 25 years ago, homosexuality was illegal in many states, and most would never believe that in 2014 the majority of states would recognize same-sex marriages. GLSEN’s almost 25 years of existence correlates with a length of time that saw great strides made culturally, in our society, and in our government institutions for the LGBT community. However, GLSEN’s recently released report on the experiences of LGBT youth in schools finds that LGBT youth still face pervasive harassment and discrimination. While more work can be done, the report finds that school resources and supports, when they are in place, are making a difference.

Not only does the report track the statistics about the harassment and discrimination experiences LGBT youth face, but it also documents the effects a school’s climate has on them. For an example: LGBT students who experienced LGBT-related discrimination at school were over three times more likely to have missed school in the past month, have lower GPAs, and have lower self-esteem and higher levels of depression.
The infographic below outlines many of the high-level points made in The 2013 National School Climate Survey. Be sure to click on it to enlarge it. Share it. And read the full report here.

NSCS13 infographic

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