The Nonprofit Vote: Let’s Rock It!

CalNonprofits’VWYM-buttons-count-239x216 new campaign, Vote with Your Mission, is encouraging the nonprofit sector to exercise their democratic right as citizens. Kudos to CalNonprofits for leading the charge and inspiring the rest of us to get out the vote!

It’s time to mobilize the collective staffs of nonprofits and to encourage our extensive networks of board members, supporters, and volunteers to do the same. Here’s why the rest of us should join in:

  • Upwards of 10% of American workers are employed in the nonprofit sector. Members of the National Human Services Assembly and their affiliates alone employ over 1 million people.
  • The work we do is affected by government policy and support at all levels, and thousands of nonprofit organizations are struggling in the current divided political climate.
  • A small number of big ideological donors appear to have disproportionate influence over campaigns; average citizens—like us—can exercise our influence by voting and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Participation in mid-term elections is much lower than in Presidential election years, even though the issues are as great if not greater.

Not sure where your polling place is? Want more information about what to do on election day? We’ve got that covered. will help you locate your polling place and verify your registration. In fact, it’s one of many website we know of, so if you’ve got a favorite to suggest, let us know below!

Take the Pledge to Vote Today! Then…

1. Vote! (Naturally.)

2. Forward this message to your co-workers, employees and networks.

3. Report that you’ve taken the pledge to the NHSA Twitter account @irvNHSA.


One thought on “The Nonprofit Vote: Let’s Rock It!

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