Infographic Thursday: Do I Need a Photo ID to Vote?

B0pjal8IAAAsWZ_.jpg largeIf you’re anything like us, then you’re getting more and more excited for election day! But with new and contested voter ID laws making the headlines it can be confusing to know what, if any, voter ID laws exist in your state.

The simple infographic below from the Washington Post and the National Conference of State Legislatures is here to help! So no matter which state you live in, you can be sure you have everything you need to vote when you show up to the polls on election day.

Not sure how to feel about new voter ID laws? This article from the Washington Post shows just how difficult it can be for eligible voters to get acceptable photo ID if they’re disabled, poor, or lack transportation.

And if you want more information about voting, like where you can vote, the League of Women Voters, a member of the National Human Services Assembly, has been running since 2006 to be a “one-stop-shop” for election related information. Check it out now!


Share the infographic below, and don’t forget to sign a pledge that you’re voting with your mission!



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