Believe It: Social Security Turns 80

Did you know that next year marks the 80th Anniversary of the Social Security Act?

Social Security, and all the comes with it–the card, the number, the promise of a little assistance once we reach our golden years–is something we as Americans take for granted.

Yet when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law on August 14, 1935, it laid the foundation for new areas of domestic public policy that continued for 80 years. The Act has evolved under Presidents and Congressional majorities of both major political parties over the years, but the aim as remained the same: to help American families of all classes, races, religions, and political persuasions.

But as a polarized Congress prepares to consider major changes in economic, social and health policy, Cleveland’s Center for Community Solutions invites you to reflect on the meaning and importance of those two words – “social security”—as you watch their new video, “America’s Social Contract: 80 Years of Social Security.”

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