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At the National Human Services Assembly, our goal is to offer a hand of friendship to our colleagues in the field, and to identify ways we can collaborate on the issues that matter most to us. We would like to work with you to advance the field of human services, and to advocate for the professionals and programs that we know are so vital to the well-being of our country.

This blog provides current and updated resources for national policies impacting the field of human services, and it is only as good as its readers and writers. We invite you to comment freely on the blog, and to submit content and ideas you think will be helpful to your colleagues in the field.

Another part of the Human Services Policy Network is social media, specifically twitter and Facebook. We hope to see connections among us all there to better identify which national issues are impacting our state and local colleagues, and how we can work together to address those issues.

Finally, we hope this blog will be a one-stop resource for you and your members, but for our past work, including stances on policy, or published documents, please visit our organization’s website, and visit the “Policy” and “Knowledge” tabs.

About the Human Services Policy Network

About the National Collaboration for Youth



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